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i was so lost..* [entries|friends|calendar]
but now i b e l i e v e*

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[29 Dec 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | loved ]

heyy lovess i made a neww livejournall!! add me pleaseee!!!!


thanksss <3


8 love your smile*

[10 Oct 2004|08:03am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Whoa.. so much has been goin on & i've had no time to update



Hmm lets see.. I'll tell yous about the major stuff*



Monday night. I found out Chris has been cheating on me for a little over a week now. He called me drunk and told me every detail... it was just lovely! I was really upset but now I’m better and I don’t care anymore because I’m better then that and I don’t need someone whose gonna do that to me!



all week I’ve been getting ready for the SATs.. ugh it sucked!! i took them yesterday idk how I did. I guess we'll find out when i get my scores back. i hope there at least semi good.



LAST NIGHT was AWESOME I worked 3-7, that was yucky but after work Kerry came & got me and we went into Islip for a little, got some food, we saw Pitera & R Lo, it was pretty funny. They we're goin to some party so me and Kerry left went to 7Eleven and bought a 22 of Smirnoff and a 6pack of Smirnoff ice. Then we put the stuff in the truck & went with Billy to COLDSTONE Creamery the ice-cream was good!! but their singing sucks!! I must say I was disappointed. After ice cream we went back to Billy's got the magic bus lol and went over to my house to get my clothes, then headed back to Smithtown. we got to Kerry’s around 12ish & we're greeted by Annmarie, Maggie, Kristin, and Casey, allll who were already drinking. so we decided to join in the fun! & let’s just say we got prettyy out of hand, a lot drunk! but who cares it was hilarious. i have a lot of bruises and I deff hit my head on the chair more then once. we played the best ghetto beer pong!! the dynamic duo vs. Annmarie and Casey with Maggie Kristin and one of Annmarie's weird friends to cheer us on. The dynamic duo defiantly won!! But it just reminded me of how much I hate the taste of beer. Esp. bud light! so after that Annmarie had all these guys over and me and Kerry were scared of them so we went downstairs and layed in the middle of the floor, & these people were just staring at us and then there like are you girls okay?? I wasn’t really sure if we were but i was like yeahhhhhhhhhhh were fine.



the best part of the night had to be the string on my hoodie which was only throu one hole and Kerry decided to pull it and whipped herself in the face and hurt her finger. it was the funniest thing I ever saw OR deff me going to get the beer pong thing off the floor and slamming my head right onto the chair and then just falling on the floor i couldn’t get up & all I could do was laugh.. lol I love it!



so around 3:30 we passed out in the basement & got woken up around 5AM by Annmarie telling us to make sure all the bottle caps were gone. & then again by Kristin around 8:30 so we could take her to work. and that leads to now.



I’m home I have work at 12.. deff a joint party with Stacey and then I’m gonna come home drive a little bit and get ready for another adventurous nite*



the girls are goin into New York City tomorrow!!!! deff gotta make our rounds to Tiffany’s, Coach, & everywhere elsee!! I’m excited!



& thats about it for now. i'm gonna go get ready for work* leave lovely comments <3



x0... Amanda

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[30 Sep 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i know i havent updated in a while but i've been busy.. i'm sorry .. i'm really trying to keep up!!

EDIT 10:25 PM...EVERYDAY 3RD PERIOD I HAVE SEX WITH KERRY, lol and for all of you who are like weirded out right now, let me rephrase that i have sexuality 3rd period with kerry & it is mucho fun because she is my BEST FRIEND in the whole entire world!!! ..gotta love the DYNAMIC DUO*

thursday, 9/23.. i went to school, chris' dad picked me up and we went to the airport (JFK) to pick up chris. his flight came in around 4:40, which wasnt bad. we went to his dad's shop to pick up chris car. it came out amazing!! me & chris drove back to his house, hung out for a while, ate dinner with the family & then pitera stopped by. we drove out to see his aunt, she wasnt home and around 10:30 he took me home cause i had school in the morning, my dad talked to chris for a while then he left.

friday 9/24.. i went to school, christopher picked me up, & we drove straight to abercrombie, cause i had to work. i worked for about an hour because they were really low on hours last week and then chris picked me up. i went out with chris, pitera rob matt & his cousin. we hung out, around 10:30 we picked up jay from the airport. & then we just chilled for the rest of the night. chris took me home around 1ish.

saturday 9/25.. i worked 1-5 came home, showered & chris picked me up around 7. we went over to jays for a bbq, i chilled with meagan for a while (jay's little sister) kerry met us at jays house we went to some party & then chilled for a while, around 12ish we decided to go to chilis because we were all so hungry. they didnt want to seat us because there was like 9 of us (me, kerry, chris, jay, rob, danielle, pitera, ben, and julian) to say the least.. dinner was umm INTERESTING!! The boy's PUNKED me & kerry. it was bad, but funny too! me & kerry went home around 1ish & had a sleepover. lol

sunday 9/26.. chris was supposta leave, but his flight was cancled because another major hurricane hit florida. i worked 1-3 and then just chilled for the rest of the day i had a buncha homework to do.

monday 9/27.. i went to school..it was a pretty easy day* i got my class rank i'm 145 out of 350.. which isn't what i was hoping for but theres nothing i can do about it now.. i guess its not that bad, its in the middle of the top 50% of my class.. anyways DANCE started!! i had Ballet and Jaz, both classes seem pretty good! i came home around 5 ran to the mall to get dance pants and i also bought a wallet lol.. then i came home and relaxed chris cameover around 7 and he pretty much stayed all night & distracted me from doing my homework & studying for my GRENDEL test..

tuesday 9/28.. i went to school, took the GRENDEL test in english, it was kinda hard.. i was so pissed too because i read the book and i feel like it did nothing for me!! grrr.. chris picked me up we went back to my house so i could change my clothes, chris talked to my dad for a while & then we went to mcdondals. we went down to the beach & ate, then relaxed and watched the water for a while. then he took me home and i had to work 7-cl. chris came and visited me @ work it was cute he stayed for about 20 minutes. i finished an SAT, and the rest of "closing" was fun and games! we locked the doors at 9PM (we close @ 10 but shhh.. dont tell!) i ate breadsticks and cotton candy and pretty much just hung out, worked a little & thats about it.

wednesday 9/30.. (chris was leaving) I went to school.. I took the RUNAWAY JURY test, it was pretty easy!! i'm happy i read that book because it was surprisingly prettty good!! chris picked me up & took me home, he stayed for a little while, but he had to leave for the airport around 4 so he had to get home. i went to my SAT tutor from 4-5:30 and then got notes for dracula & tryed to study.

thursday 9/31.. (today) i went to school took the DRACULA test in english.. it was soo hard! but thats what i get for not reading it! ohh well I went home with anastasia, we went to the library & now i'm home about getting ready to go in the shower & get my hair straight for tomorrow..

friday 10/1.. (tomorrow) i have school & then i hafta work @ abercrombie 5-10 COME VISIT ME! and then i'm out for the rest of the night with kerryberry*

saturday 10/2.. i have work 12-6 @ cec then who knows..

sunday 10/3.. i hafta start planning out my college essays & get some more applications any suggestions on where i should apply?? i have work 5-7 @ cec then prolly relaxing

..i'll update about my weekend as soon as i get the chance. leave me lots of comments!!

*boys i got your LIVESTRONG bracelets*

x0: amanda*

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[18 Sep 2004|09:25am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well here i am ..Saturday morning and i hafta leave for work @ cec in like 20 minutes.. which means i probably wont finish this entry adn i'll hafta come back to it when i get home. so here i go..


that's my pictures for now.. when i get home from work.. (around 12) i'll update with more pictuers..

5DAYS till chris comes home i'm so excited*

TO BE CONTINUED!... comment if you would like, but theres more to come

EDIT 9/19/04 9:47AM i'm gonna continue in a new entry x0 <3

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[15 Sep 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


I can't wait to post them!! But first I have A LOT of work to do so bare with me =0) x0Xo

*Chris comes home in 7 DAYS!!! September 23rd! I'm Excited!!!

I'll update soon! Until then Leave me lots of sweet messages!! <3

x0Xo -Amanda

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[11 Sep 2004|08:52am]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow I'm updating again it's a miracle! As of yesterday I have no computer =0(. The guy took it to go fix it because it dosen't work at all. So hopefully I'll have it back at the latest Monday.. but I really hope earlier! so0o yeah it's saturday morning. I'm @ Kerry's house (whatelse is new). Me & Katie are waiting for her to get home from dance@ 10, then it's off to the beach I'm EXCITED!

**Thursday Night.. Abercrombie called me & I GOT THE JOB!! I'm so Excited I hafta go in Sunday Morning @ 10AM! (tomorrow) Wish Me Luck!!**

Yesterday (Friday) Was my LAST.. FIRST day of Highschool! I can't believe we're Seniors!! It's gonna be an Awesome year!

My schedule

*First semester
1st - Economics
2nd - Senior Lounge
3rd - Sexuality
4th - Math 12
5th - SJU English 12H
6th - Lunch
7th - Urban Studies
8th - Gym/ Senior Lounge
9th - Communications

*Second semester
1st - Photography 1
2nd - Photography 1
3rd - Health
4th - Math 12
5th - SJU English 12H
6th - Gym/ Senior Lounge
7th - Lunch
8th - Advanced Dance
9th - Public policy

This schedule is a JOKE my only hard class is Honors English and honestly I'm not too worried. Luckily enough I have friends in all my classes well atleast first semester lol.


*Leave me Comments PLEASEE I'm trying to Keep up with all of you as much as I can but I feel so out of the loop! =0( Once my computer comes back hopefully it will be much better!

ttyl x0 AMANDA..


"Four years ago we thought we couldn't get outta this place fast enough, Now we are running as fast as we can to go back to the time when it all began" - SJB Seniors 05'

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[28 Jul 2004|12:34am]
[ mood | crazy ]


isn't this font mucho cool!? haha* <3

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[20 Jul 2004|11:06am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well.. i changed my layout* i don't know what i think about it just yet. i haven't updated in so long. i've been mucho busy!! maybe if i have some time one day i'll try and catch all of you up with everything that has been going on.. but right now i just dont have the time. =0( ...grr my stupid live journal icon will NOT show up on my journal, in comments, on my userinfo, on my friends page, or in communities, only in the top right corner by th log out button!! is anyone else having this problem?

i'm about to go lay outside because it's the first nice day in.. umm FOREVER and my tan is slowly fading. after i lay out for i guess an hour and a half.. if i can keep still for that long.. lol i'm gonna get in the shower dry my hair straighten it, get ready for work. clean my room.. (hopefully) work 3-7 then go out and do whatver i want*

i PROMiSE i will update as soon as i can! maybe even tonight!! let me know what you think about this layout <3 thanks lovelys!

*whoa this is the first NON-friends Only entry in a while!! .. how exciting everyone leave comments about how much you missed me!! .. haha

x0xO mwa love amanda <3

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[09 May 2004|03:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i'm at my cousins house at the moment... but i thought i should post some pictures from prom.. i'll update more when i get home <3

pictures from prom!*Collapse )

leave comments mwa x0xo amanda*

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[21 Apr 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | creative ]

NEW Layout!! <3 tell me waht you think lovelys.. i'll update more later or tomorrow.. so far its been a pretty boring week*

<3 mwa amanda

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[16 Apr 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | amused ]

My previous entry was friends only.. So if you wanna read it let me know because I really need some advice on what to do.. So comment here if you wanna be added.. mwa lada Lovelys <3

x0Xo amanda

"pOpRoCks & soDa don't even comPare t0
the ruSh I get when i'M with *.Y.O.u."

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[14 Apr 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well so far spring break has been off to an awesome start* the play went extremely well I am still amazed on how we got through that spring break started Wednesday... Well Thursday I dunnio… pictures from the play*Collapse )

Wednesday we had a half day... (dress down) we had mass and listened to some guy speak.. He was a survivor of the holocaust. The stuff he said really made me appreciate life.. it was actually quite interesting.. But also boring at times. After school was over around 12.. I went to dance from 12-3 it was bad… Kerry and Maureen didn’t come to school… Kerry because she had to go to Irish dance (even thou she didn’t wind up going) and Maureen didn’t come because she didn’t want to and she had to prepare for my party* so it was only me in Katie.. We don’t know anyone else in the class mainly because we would rather not associate with them. We both decided were going to take Tap together ha-ha this should be interesting!! After dance Mrs. Morrison drove me home (Katie’s mom) I came home took a shower and got my stuff together. As soon as my mom got home we drove to Anastasia’s picked her up and then went to Maureen’s house. When we got there I opened presents Maureen got me two shirts from Abercrombie. This cool cup with my name on it and a pen with my name on it and of course my all time favorite Honey BBQ chips!! Hahah!!, and Kerry got me a shirt from Abercrombie and another shirt from American Eagle. After that we went to Friendlys with Christina, Courtney, Baldi, and Scott. We ate dinner had some ice cream (the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to me.. it was all Anastasia’s fault!!!). Katie met us at Friendlys and we went over to Lowes to see Scooby DOo!! It was very cute. The movie ended around ehh I don’t really remember 11:30 or something. We all went back to Maureen’s for cake and stuff. Kerry made me the most awesome cake!!!! It was half ice cream half regular cake.. and it was REALLY GOOD!!! read more…*Collapse )

Thursday: Baldi came over Maureen’s around 9:30 and woke us up. After about a half hour of trying to actually get up Maureen went to the store to buy syrup and Baldi made us pancakes they were Yummy!! He left around 12 to go to the dentist and Me, Maureen, & Anastasia went to the mall. Baldi met us there when we was done at the dentist. We got ice cream!!! It was sooo good!! After the mall we went to Baldi’s for a little then Maureen’s mom picked us up and we met Kerry at Blockbuster, picked out a movie, And went to Maureen’s to watch it. We chose Center Stage Ugh I LOVE that movie.. It’s soo good. I’ve seen it so many times and I never get bored! After that I went home. Chris stopped by for a little while and then I Just went to sleep.

Hmmm what else interesting happened*

Saturday I went to work at 12 boyy o boyy was it an interesting day.. it was one of the funniest days I’ve ever had at work.. I don’t really think that I’m going to write why but if you really want to know you can IM me and I’ll let you know but I’m pretty sure whoever I’m close with already knows!! hahahaha* I worked till like 9ish came home and slept because the Easter Bunny was coming!!!!!

Sunday it was EASTER!!! My mom woke me and my sister up around 9:30 because my dog wanted to open his presents and he had to open them with the family* pathetic much?? Haha it was cute though so we opened presents found a few eggs and went to church. When we got back from church my mom got everything ready and we went to the rehab center to see my grandma!! We got to see her walk.. She seems to be doing really good!! We left the rehab place around 2:45 went home picked up my dad and went to my other grandma’s house. I chilled with my little cousin Corrine* She is 4 she’s adorable. She was like Amanda are you gonna come to my dance recital?? I was like sure when is it!? She was like in the spring time!! She showed me her dances.. it was so funny she was like I do tap and ballet she kicks her foot in the air and goes that was the tap part and then does a plea and goes ok that was the ballet I’m done I was like that’s it? She’s like I forgot the beginning. It was really cute! We ate food (of course) and then dessert Me and Corrine ate all the rainbow cookies!! Haha but that’s another story!! We wound up watching Uptown Girls (best movie ever!) and went home around 9ish that was my Easter!*

Monday I went to the mall with Kerrry and Maureen to get a present for Katie and just to look around @ the new coach bags and have a little fun* We Met Baldi and Anastasia there. (they went there after their track meet) We went to hallmark picked out birthday cards for Katie. I went to Sephora and got Yellow Urban Decay eye shadow that matches my dress for prom!! We got Starbucks. And decided there was nothing at the mall that we wanted to get Katie. We decided that we should get her birds. So we went to Pet land and bought two parakeets. And Kerry already had a fish to give her They are so cutee!! (the animal thing is a long story) We went to Katie’s around 7:45 (fashionably late) lol Maureen and Anastasia went in first to make sure Katie was downstairs Then me and Kerry brought the animals up to her room. She seemed to like the birds and is “bonding with them because she wants them to love her* read more*Collapse )

Tuesday Baldi picked me and Anastasia up from Katie’s @ 10. we drove Anastasia home and then He drove me to work. I worked till 2:30 and then Chris picked me up and drove me home because I got off early and it was just a big mess. He stayed for a little while and then he left to go pick up his mom from work. So after he left I just laid down for the rest of the day.. I was mucho tired.

how does everyone like my new layout?? .. I don't really know what to think about it.. let me know what you think.. mwa lada lovelys comment away*

xoxox amanda <3

10 love your smile*

[05 Apr 2004|08:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

it's been a long long weekend! but it was well worth it!! first i want to start off with saying congrads to the bye bye birdie cast and crew! we finally pulled it off and it was an awesome performance!!

Right now i'm in first period. They un blocked the live journal site as you can see. me and anastasia are so0o happy hahaha we're such losers but this is really the only time i have to actually sit down and write.

At the moment i am so0o exhausted!! last week (monday tuesday wednesday) there were all late night practices till either 10 or 12 for bye bye birdie. Thursday was our full dress rehersal during school we performed for the 8th graders that came to watch. friday i went to classes came home curled my hair and went straight back to school. The show was awesome! it started at 8 and ended around 11ish.. after that we went to the forum diner.. the food was so0o gross but we had fun anyway. i got home around ehh 1:30ish it wasnt too bad. Saturday i woke up around 12:45 i dont even remember what i did all day but i went to school around 6:30 the show was at 8. it i hafta say that every night it just got better and better. after the show we went to the peter pan diner with the whole cast. it was fun and the food was pretty good surprisingly. i got home at 1 and i totally passed out sunday (my birthdayyy!!) i woke up around 10:30 which was really 11:30 and i had to be at school at 12:30 i opened up my birthday presents and got ready to go. the show started at 2 it had to be the best out of all three nights. i'm sad that its over but at the same time im happy to get my life back. i'll have pictures from the play later on* at the moment i better get going .. ttyl mwa leave comments !! <3

13 love your smile*

[29 Mar 2004|10:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow I haven't updated in so long I've been mucho busy.. sorry lovelys <3 forgive me!! it's about 10:43 and I just got home from play practice* (BYe BYE BiRDiE). 15 or so hours at school is deff not fun! so yeah thats the deal with play practice. The play is this weekend Thursday (during school for the younger kids) Friday 8PM, Saturday 8PM, and Sunday 12PM. The show is gonna be AWESOME!! Sunday is my birthday!! wo0oho0o I can finally drivee! I just need to practice so I can take my road test! I have been soo busy I havent stopped all weekend.. friday night was jenny's wedding.. it was really cute I had a good time. saturday was play practice then jr prom @ st'A's it was fun.. some girl had the same dress as me I thought I was gonna die!! other then that everything went smoothly sunday I went to the store to get some stuff for the play, i also went to see my grandma, and to pick up my check (a whole 27 bucks) I don't even have time to work with this play shit! when I got home I attempted to read heart of darkness for english. and I fell asleep 2 pages later. so that brings me to.. today it's been a LONG DAY! I made a list of things I wanted from tiffanys for mi madre to buy lol let me know what you think and if I should add anything else!!! <3 mwa

WiSh LiSt*Collapse )

well thats all for now i'm beat i'll try and write more as soon as possible LEAVE COMMENTS!! mwa x0Xo amanda*

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[09 Mar 2004|08:07am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone... it's about 8:08AM and I’m in computer graphics. I don’t feel like doing any work so I decided to update in my journal. I guess I’ll start off with the weekend because nothing remotely interesting happened yesterday althou it was a pretty good day.

Friday: I went to school.. Skipped play practice (I’m a rebel) hahaha I went home with Anastasia. When we got there I called up Steph and we went tanning. Anastasia stayed home so she could take a shower and get ready to go to Maureen’s. So I left with Steph we dropped her brother off at her house then off to the tannin place. Scott came to get me after tannin Steph left and we went back to Anastasia’s I got changed and cleaned up and we left for Scott’s house. Me and Anastasia waited with his mom while he took a shower and shaved and stuff (it seemed like foreverr!!) when he was finally done we drove to Maureen’s Kerry showed up then Katie. then we went to the mall. I bought a new hair straightener because of course mine broke again and I also got the cutest skirt from Abercrombie!! I love it sooo much I cant wait to wear it!! We saw Baldi at the mall (it was an ordeal leme tell ya!) I waved to him and he just looked at me and walked away.. I was really pissed off so Me n Anastasia went up to him and I touched his arm and was like what is your problem?? and he’s like “did you just touch me??” so that totally set me off and I just walked away. After the mall Maureen called her dad to order us dominos and me and Kerry left with Scott to go get some candy. We went to stop and shop and got lost on the way home because it was so0o foggy... I must say I was a lil scared but I got over it. we got back to Maureen’s ate pizza and watched Finding Nemo! Scott left around 12 somethin and we all went to sleep*

Saturday: Kerry woke me up we ate some pizza for breakfast* it was really good My mom picked me up around 11:30 we drove Anastasia home. I went to the store with her and then went tanning. I got home by 2:30 got washed up and left for work. I got home from work around 7:30 I went to Anastasias at like 8:20 and chilled there for a while (her dad was away) Billy Jack and this kid came over around 10ish we ordered dominos and watched finding nemo (yes again) Billy left to drive jack and that kid home around 12 then came back to finish the movie and left around 2:55 me and Anastasia went to sleep*

the bell is gonna ring cause we have shortened periods so i'll finish later mwa <3 xoxox

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[08 Feb 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | confused ]

*my previous journal entry is friends only (for my own personal reasons).. i would like everyone to comment on it and let me know what you think so if your not on my friends list and you would like to let me know what you think please leave me a comment here and i'll add you thanks sweets.. please leave comments.. <3 manda

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[03 Feb 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]

alrite everyone.. answer these questions for me pleaseeee!! :o)

answer these!*Collapse )

Today was a really shitty day.. I was so not in the mood for school!! It was our first day back in like 12 days.. ugh!! So we got all of our midterm grades back and I'm not even gonna go there, to say the least they are horrible!! So bad that I was actually crying in lunch ugh.. I guess I shouldn't care there's nothing I can do about it now but I just can't help it. First period I have computer graphics 2 New teacher and a new classroom so she sat us in alphabetical order and I don't sit next to Anastasia cross_myheart16 anymore :( But my shitty day started in math. Everyone thought they did sOo well on the math final.. yea think again!! and from there on in everything was BAD!! Yea I'm not getting in to grades so W/E. Eighth period I started Social Justice.. and I have MR. PAUL!! I Love him (not like that!!) lol but he's deffiantly my FAVORiTE teacher ever! So that brightened up my day a lil bit.. well Kinda.. then I got to english and Mr. Bouklas aka fucking biggest asshole ever!! told us about our term paper which will count as our final ((meanwhile every other english class started this in september.. but NO we're starting now)) ..but thats besides the point! Anyways EVERY 11th grade english student gets to choose a book that they have previously read in past years, this year, or a book they have read on their own that the teacher approves of, come up with a thesis statement and write a paper on it (I think it's like 10 or so pages) ... So Mr. Bouklas decides that he's gonna be "different" and fucking assign us pieces of literature that we have NEVER heard of. So yea he assigns us groups to research in but we each hafta come up with our own thesis... So He thinks i'm "smart" <-- go figure and gives me an "extremely challenging" piece.. "THE MENO(N), by PLATO" so I'm sitting there like great.. and hes like who did you work with in the last group assignment I was like Lindsay and Anastasia and hes like okay that's your group again (that part is like the only good part) So yea now I hafta read the book or novel or whatever it is I don't even know .. and then write the paper!! How FUCKED UP is that?!? GRR I hate school!! So after school I had play practice.. that wasn't bad we finally learned most of our dance.. It was pretty fun.. REAlly cold in the auditorium(sp?) thou.. but anyways sorry you just had to read all of that.. I just had to vent I guess.

I'm out later <3 manda

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[01 Feb 2004|12:50am]
[ mood | blah ]

lalalalalalalala... it's been a long day. and i'm not in the greatest mood. grr*

fRiday: to say the least it went pretty well. I went to schOol at 7 took my spanish midterm which wasn't too bad.. then i took my chemistry midterm.. it wasn't terrible. I'm not gonna say that I did well.. cause I dont wanna jinx myself..lol* I got home around 12:15 and just relaxed. I looked @ some bags I wanted and I made a list of stuff I need to buy .. or have someone buy for me =0P lol.. here it is

- MAC Tinted lipglass in Cultured and Be seen
- Christian DiOR pink girly saddle bag
- NEW coach bag* (should be in stores tomorrow!!) woOohoOo pink*Collapse )
- Christian DiOR J'ADORE DIOR terry bag (from the season's "MUST HAVE PiNK")
- 2 new juicy tubes.. miraCle and dReamsicle
- Chris:1947 fragrance by dior couture
- my dress for jr banquet ((yes i already picked it out loll..)) its gorgeous! Jessica McClintock*Collapse )

and i'll stop boring you.. lol after making my list* I wound up chillin with Chris. We went to the mall and I got some lotion from bath n body works *warm vanilla sugar* it smells yummyy!! Chris' mom came also. She bought a vacume for Jenny's bridal shower* When we got back to the car Chris goes to start it... and it's compleetly DEAD.. lol I was like 0h man. So we called my dad and he came and jumped the car. We drove back to Christopher's, when we got there I put on some sweat pants and an ecko sweatshirt.. both of them were pretty big on me.. loll (I was very comfy) and we wound up laying down and watching My cousin Vinny .. We both fell asleep. *My mom came at like 11:15 ...sO I woke up out of a dead sleep got dressed and got in the car.. When I got home I just relaxed and fell asleep.. Overall it was a good night*

aS for tonight.. or should I say last night.. I don't think I can say the same...

Saturday: I got home around 6:30ish, Chris came over around 7 dropped off my dad's ..battery thing (idk the thing he jumped the car with last night) and stayed for a lil while.. We argued over me being friends with other guys "who want me".. Yea it was pretty ridiculious (sp?) + not to mention I'm just not in the best of moods.. So we wound up not talking for a good hour and a half.. maybe more then that.. he watched the ranger game and I went in my room and looked throu my "course offering booklet" heres what I came up with...


1. Health (required)
2. Marine Biology + phys ed
3. theology + sexuality (required)
4. English 12 honors (required)
5. Economics + public policy (required)
6. Math or elective (idk if i wanna take math..) I'm thinking about ..Advanced dance
7 & 8. Photography 1&2 (each a 1/2 year course) .. double period
9. lunch

(no specific order..)

Anyway I gotta talk to my friends and see what they put before I hand it in on tuesday.. but for now I'm gonna go talk to Kerry and go to sleep.. goodnight all mwas <3


x0xOx amanda lynn*

16 love your smile*

[29 Jan 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was a goOd day =0) I got up a lil late 5:45.. Ugh took a shower dried my hair and straightened it.. Did my make up.. Went online.. Changed my away message, went downstairs, ate breakfast, the bus came soO late 7:30!! That’s like 25 min late.. But oh well we still got to school early. I got to school talked to everyone for like 10 minutes went to my locker.. Talked to Maureen a lil more then went to my testing room.. Ms McBride was our proctor.. (she is sucha WEiRD LADy) Omg me and Morgan were dying.. it was so funny brought back so many good memories from freshmen year around 8:10 it was really really easy!! the essays we're hard but I bullshitted my way throu it.. So it’s all good. After the test (@ like 9:40) Chris was outside waiting for me.. Pitera was in front of us talking to Alayna. we left to go to IHOP (on the way there we manage to hit 100mph on sunrise hwy ..Quite scary leme tell ya!!) by the time we got there jay and everyone had already ate. so it was me Chris and Pitera.. quite interesting I must say. After that I went back to Chris' talked to his mom for a lil while, went online.. and then I watched Chris play NBA online woOopdie dooo after that we went to the mall and I got a cutee shirt from Aeropastale it says "surf sunset beach" its cute white with pink sparkalie letters! I went to fye and got Uptown Girls aww its sucha cute movie!!! Then I went to forever 21 and got really cute underwear (o0oh baby are they hott!) after the mall Chris drove back to his house.. to get my stuff, then we went back to my house for a lil while, he left around 2:30/3ish and that was pretty much my day.. It was good I’m gonna go study for Spanish and chemistry <3 LEAVE ME COMMENTS xoxo mwa amanda*

OMG Chris said something today that I NEVER would have imagined he would say!!

We are in footlocker..
Me: soO are you gonna get a tee shirt or something?
Chris: no I think I'd rather get something more preppy..
Me: wOoWw I NEVER thought I'd see this day

if you know Chris you know what im talkin about* hahahaha

surveyy*Collapse )

UPtOwN GiRLs iS thE bEST MoViEe!!!!!!

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[28 Jan 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | bored ]

Ahh I haven't updated in a while... I’ve been busy with midterms =0\ only three more left thank god!!

Friday was: Math and History

Monday was: English Regents session 1

Tuesday was: English Regents session 2

Wednesday: (todayyyyy) SNOW DAY!!

.. Today was supposta be Spanish and chemistry but now we have a snow day... Which is kind of good I guess but at the same time it sucks because we hafta go in to school on Friday... Ugh and if we had school today we would be off!!

Thursday is: Morality.. So I'm out of schoOl @ 930 wOohOo

And Friday: now I gotta go in for chem. and Spanish! grrrr

.. The English regents was aright... I think I did fairly well although the critical lens was ridiculous it was really retarded something like "A tale told in one city* could seem interesting; but when laid in another city* it could seem ridiculous” ...it’s not that hard but I had to think about it.

I am really starting to HATE snow!!! It’s the worst I’m getting sick of it I can’t wait till the summer!!! Other then that things have been half shitty and half good. I just can’t win... why can’t life just be good and maybe even better then good! But no I guess it doesn’t work that way... it’s aright I’m used to it. So I guess all plans with Kerry berry for this weekend are pretty much shot due to the snow... because now we have school Friday and it just fucks everything up.

Here are some pictures from the other night @ Anastasias*

oOoh BabYyCollapse )

@ the moment I don't have toO muCh to say I'm gonna go take a shower and figure out whats goin on for today.. so leave me COMmEnTS!! mWA amanda <33

6 love your smile*

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